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Hidden Bloods Pack

Hidden Bloods Pack is a wolf role-play. The two clans, the fallen tree and marsh creek roam the lands.

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    Fell - Alpha


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    Fell - Alpha Empty Fell - Alpha

    Post by Fell on Sun Nov 04, 2018 9:54 pm


    Wolf Name: Fell
    Gender: Male
    Age: 4
    Rank: Alpha
    Relationship: Single, Available

    Physical Description

    Height: 40in
    Weight: 135lbs
    Breed: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
    Ear Thickness: thick
    Muzzle Thickness: thick
    Chest Size: large,
    Body type: Muscular
    Leg Density: Long, muscular
    Fur Density: Fluffy!
    Nose Color: Black
    Inner Ear Color: Black
    Base color: black
    Secondary Color: Black
    Nail color: Black
    Eye Color: Gllden Yellow
    Tongue Color: Red
    Distinct Markings: faded variance of faded black throughout coat.
    Scar: Fell has a slash mark from a bear on his left shoulder, and a scar on his right eyelid from a fight to keep his rank.

    Fell - Alpha Kati_b11
    Fell - Alpha Kati_b10


    Personality Traits: Serious, scary beyond all reason, bossman, cruel at times.
    Likes: Fell enjoys having control over things, he likes to have a good meal alone, fell likes to put people in their place at all costs.
    Dislikes: Fell doesnt like people telling him how to do his job, he also doesnt like traitors or plots against him.

    History and Family Ties

    Mother: Unknown
    Father: Unknown
    Siblings: Unknown
    Distant Relatives: Uknown
    History: Fell Took over after he defeated the previous Alpha in combat simply to gain power and rule the pack he feels he is so destined to lead. As far as he is concerned, he is supreme and no one can take his throne. Try if you dare...


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