Hidden Bloods Pack

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Hidden Bloods Pack

Hidden Bloods Pack is a wolf role-play. The two clans, the fallen tree and marsh creek roam the lands.

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    Post by Eira on Sun Nov 04, 2018 3:48 pm

    Long ago the Hidden Bloods Pack lived in one place in peace together. But years ago, a set of brothers, sons of the alpha, came together to discuss their options of power. Both wanted to lead but that wasn't possible. That is until one decided they could split the territory in two and share the land as two separate clans. The clans called Fallen Tree and Marsh Creek. Each land was slightly different and the wolves of the pack chose their preferred habitats joining one of the brothers. The pack has lived this way since only having minor land skirmishes of others crossing boundaries. They all share the lake that is at one end of both territories.

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