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Hidden Bloods Pack

Hidden Bloods Pack is a wolf role-play. The two clans, the fallen tree and marsh creek roam the lands.

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    The Den


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    The Den Empty The Den

    Post by Eira on Sun Nov 04, 2018 2:53 pm

    The Den Den10

    This is where members of the Fallen Tree clan sleep and lounge at. The den site is located at a clearing within a lush forest with blossoming vegetation. Encircled by towering trees, they offer as a reliable source in blocking portions of the suns light due to the canopy overhead, as rays of light beam down from the pocket of holes. Hours of walking through the same path every day have left noticeable trails behind as wolves have traversed them for years. At the very center of it all, is the pack den. The entry point is protected by rocks that seem to be embedded at the exterior of the den, concealing it well into the landscape and making it a difficult area to spot. Inside, the interior spans deeper, expanding into a larger area that can accommodate a substantial amount of wolves. Due to its seclusion and proper marking of territory, predators are rarely ever seen, let alone intruders.

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    The Den Empty Re: The Den

    Post by Artemis on Mon Nov 12, 2018 2:10 am

    Her song was the only thing that soothed my soul. The gentleness in her voice. The beautiful melody that brought warmth to the atmosphere. It was something that I could've listened to for hours on end without pause. As I heard it, all I could imagine was a field of blossoming flowers in a gorgeous land. An angelic blue canvas painted with an assortment of red and orange as the sun rose beyond the horizon. Calm cold breezes swept throughout the field, contrasting with the suns mellow heat. Every stem, leaf, and pedal brushed past my ivory fur as I traversed it with glee. Happiness and content was no stranger to such a... paradise. Yes, a paradise. That was what I can describe it. A safe haven that existed inside me. I would always plead to listen to her lullaby before entering into a joyous slumber. I'd then come to wonder if she was perhaps annoyed by me constantly asking, but then again, I doubt she ever was. Even after I was scolded for wrongdoings as a pup, she'd always comfort me with that innocent smile of hers, one that was irreplaceable. A mother that I couldn't possibly ever imagine losing. It was the pinnacle of my life. A time where I was nothing short of happy... but...

    the word 'happy' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness... How I wish to hear it one last time...

    ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧

    The chirping of birds was the first sound that came to be, in an odd reverberated fashion as Artemis's senses gradually came back to him from the deep sleep he had endured over the night. Eyelids groggily opened as his body was still shaking off the sensation of fatigue. Initially, everything was but a blur. Only the rays of light that beamed through the canopy were what was noted. With simply a couple of blinks, his vision had returned to him. The birth of fall was fast approaching. Vibrant hues of leaves descended down onto the still lush grassy plain that he laid upon, patches of it scattered across the area. Surprisingly, very few had latched on to his white pelt considering that he had been resting underneath a tree. Truthfully, however, he'd care little of it. Artemis would eventually rise up into a sitting posture, a faint groan that transitions into a yawn escaping his maw. From where he sat, his muscles tensed, stretching each limb to their fullest. Yet another groan would leave him. A satisfied one, with his body now properly circulating blood throughout his body. Perhaps at some point, he had slept incorrectly? That assumption was made from a tingling sensation that poked every inch of his left paw. I digress. Azure orbs scanned the perimeter, observing the scenery before him. The Fallen Tree den site. It was well-hidden, especially with its location so far in a dense forest. The concern of intruders would be the least of their worries. 'Their,' implying the Fallen Tree Clan. Artemis never really recalled how he had joined a group such as this. The only flash that came to mind was Eira, to whom was the Alpha of said clan. Only a few weeks had passed since, then BOOM, Beta of the Fallen Tree clan. To believe he now held such an important role in the clan. How much of a terrible memory he had. Nonetheless, he wasn't given Beta without reason. Eira had made her decision with great thought. Upholding those expectations was the least he could do in repaying such a bestowed honor. All he wondered now was where his story would be driven to. A search for an answer. An ever after to the wandering ivory soul of the north.

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    "I still remember the lullaby that snowy day. Her content voice, conflicted by sorrow and agony. How I wish to hear it one last time...."  - Artemis Favnir

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